About me


Member of the Union of Architects of Russia and the International Public Association "Union of Designers"

“A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense.”

(c) designer and educator Bruno Munari


I develop design solutions in a complex way, in accordance with the requirements of ergonomics, current standards and technical tasks of the Customer. I work both with residential and public spaces.

Since 2009, I have been working on various projects. As part of the designer group or individually, I have completed more than a hundred projects in the field of architectural and landscape design: projects of personal residential buildings, development of adjacent and public territories, design projects of apartments, office spaces, trade premises and public catering facilities, projects of demo apartments.

I have got letters of gratitude from the joint-stock company "Rostovskoe" for the contribution to the development of the residential area "Suvorovskii", the construction and investment company "Development-Yug" for creating the interiors of demo apartments, as well as from the Office of the Federal Security Service of Russia of the Rostov Region for the development of a design project and designer supervision of its implementation.

Diplomas, certificates and awards:

2024 – Diploma of Associate Professor in the scientific specialty “Ecological safety of construction and urban economy”

2023 – author of an idea included in the federal TOP 1000 and regional TOP 25 of the Forum “Strong Ideas for New Times” organized by the Roscongress Foundation

2023 – Neural Networks for Designers” training course

2023 – advanced training on the program “Information modeling technologies. Basic level", Moscow State Construction University

2022 – winner of the grant competition on the implementation of research projects carried out under the guidance of young scientists from DSTU (Don State Technical University), "Science-2030" with a project on the topic of "green" urbanism

2021 – winner of the contest "Me and the Sustainable Development Goals" in the nomination "Ensuring openness, security, resilience and environmental sustainability of cities and towns"

2021 – intensive training course for interior designers "Upgrade for professionals" ( WestLab training)

2021 – training course on the program "Mandatory knowledge of textiles for designers and decorators"

2021 – intensive training course of Maria Kunyakina "Color scenario of the project" at the Design School "Details"

2020 – diploma of the Union of Architects of Russia in the nomination "For the high-quality development of the project solution" at the All-Russian Festival of Young Architects "Perspektiva" (as part of the designer team)

2020 – educational program for state and municipal employees of the Rostov region "Urban Practices", developed by the Institute “Strelka”

2019 – workshop by Dmitry Zvonka and Alexander Tolokonnikov “Arboristry. The art of care about woody plants. Trees and development»

2017 – educational seminar on the improvement of courtyard spaces in the Rostov region

2016 – intensive upgrade training course for decorators "Theory and practice of modern interior" (ELLE Decoration Design Days)

2016 – intensive training course for interior designers "Upgrade for professionals" ( WestLab training)

2016 – author's seminar "Algorithm for building a private garden" by A.Y. Sapelina, the teacher of the Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Moscow State University

2016 – course of study in the specialty "Landscape Designer" at Tolokonnikov School of Landscape Design

2016 – upgrade training on the topic "Modern ecological systems and sustainable development" on the base of the Center for the Development of Electronic Educational Resources, Lomonosov Moscow State University

2015 - upgrade training in the direction of "Urban planning" (upgrade training in the field of land-use planning) at the non-state educational establishment “Center of Urban Planning Education”

2014 – training course on the program "Interior Design" at the studio “DesignShark”

2013/2014 – course in Urban Design at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (Jerusalem, Israel)

2010 – Rostov State University of Civil Engineering, economist (off-campus education)

2010 – Rostov State University of Civil Engineering, engineer-architect (full-time education, diploma with honors)